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Piedmont Society for Coating Technology

Historical Addenda

The original purpose of this society was for the exchange of technical information and to encourage chemistry students of the area Colleges and Universities to enter the Coatings Industry upon graduation.  Membership consisted of plant superintendents, chemists, purchasing agents and production supervisors.  The first meeting of the Piedmont Section of the Southern paint and Varnish Production Club was in June 0f 1955.  It was chaired E.J. Davis of the Marietta Paint and Color Company and advisory member of the Southern Paint and Varnish Club.

In December of 1958 the Federation Paint and Varnish Production Clubs and the Southern Club received a letter requesting permission to become a full-fledged member of the Federation.  The Piedmont Section felt that the region was unique in that the predominant coatings manufactured were for the wood and metal furniture industries.  This was during the time that High Point, NC was developing as a major furniture and marketing center.  In 1959 the Society was granted permission to the Federation.  A constitution and bylaws were adopted in February 1962 and became the Piedmont Society for Paint Technology.  The group consisted of eleven companies from North Carolina and Virginia.

Early in 1955, under the guidance of Dr. E.O. Cummings, Professor of Chemistry at High Point College and Chairman of the Education committee of the Society, a course in Paint Chemistry was given for college credit.  Until 1975, various credit courses related to the coatings industry were continued at that institution.  Scholarship grants were given by the Federation and member companies of the coatings industry for this program.  Through the efforts of the Piedmont Society Education Committee, paint technology courses were begun at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1970 and at the Guilford Technical College in 1974.

In 1974, the name of the Piedmont Society for Paint Technology changed to Piedmont Society for Coatings Technology:  www.piedmontsociety.org.

In 1981, the Education Committee set up a summertime student program with the paint industry.  Five students participated in the initial program.  This program continued into the early 90’s with some of the students gaining employment with the companies upon graduation.

The Piedmont Society for Coatings Technology continues today.  The core principle is still in effect, to acquire knowledge of new technologies from suppliers, designers and researchers in the coatings industry and to network with local sales personnel from suppliers and technical representatives of the coatings industry.  The scholarship program waned in the late 90 and early 2000’s due to decreased membership and economic conditions.  With improved conditions, the scholarship program has been re-enacted.  The new program will award a scholarship of $1500 to one student.  In the case that there is more than one eligible student the Society will award a maximum of $2000 total.  Copies of the scholarship request form is available on the Societies web site:  www.piedmontsociety.org.


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